Current Students


  • Ben Newton (Adviser: K. Jeffay) – Topology Analysis of Commercial Airborne Networks

PhD Committee member:

  • Teryl Taylor (Adviser: F. Monrose) – Forensic Analysis of Network Traffic
  • Darrell Bethea (Adviser: M. Reiter) – Strong Consistency at Global Scale
  • Alana Libonati (Adviser: M. Reiter) – New Directions in User Authentication
  • Sean Sanders (Adviser: J. Kaur)
  • Qianwen Yin (Adviser: J. Kaur)

 Former Students (graduated)

Primary Adviser:

  • Chun-Yeh Chen, MS 2016.
  • Giuseppe Di Natale, Network Analysis of TCP, Mobile Traffic, and Cloud Infrastructure, MS 2015.
  • Gautam Sanka, Device and Browser-based Webpage Comparison, MS 2015.
  • Derek O’Neill, Teaching Internet Protocols: A Hands-on Approach, MS 2014.
  • Andrew Reed, Modeling, Identifying, and Emulating Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, MS (thesis option), 2014.
  • Kun-Tao Chiang, Identifying Elephant Flows in Software-Defined Networks, MS 2014.


  • Rebecca Crabb, Measurement and Modeling of UDP Traffic (Undergraduate Honors Thesis Project), BS 2012
  • Wai Yau, The Nature of Variation in TCP Round-trip Time (RTT) Over the Years (Undergraduate Honors Thesis Project), BS 2012
  • Stephanie Zolayvar, Characterizing Changes in Modern Web Traffic through Analysis of TCP Traces (Undergraduate Honors Thesis Project), BS 2012

Committee member:

  • Zach Cross (Adviser: D. Pozefsky), Consensus Algorithms: Foundations and Evolution, MS 2014
  • Jinjing Ma (Adviser: P. Dewan), Towards a High-level and Re-targetable Toolkit for Social Media Mining, MS 2014
  • David Idol (Adviser: D. Pozefsky), Looking Beyond HTTP: The Future of Web Application Protocols, MS 2013